What are the Minimum Quantities I can order ?

There Is No Minimum Qty, 1 Pc You Can Order.  But We Prefer Minimum Quantity You Can Order For Solid Color 3000 Pcs Per Style, 1500 Pcs Per Color. 

Maximum Two Color Can Be One Style. For Yarn Dyed 4000 Pcs Per Style, 2000 Pcs Per Color. Maximum Two Pattern Will Be One Style.

How much Shrinkage can be expected ?

Shrinkage Is Maximum 4-6% Depend On Fabrication And washing Instruction. For Machine Wash/Line Dry. Are 'Fast Colors' Used ?   We Use Fast Colors Upto 40 Deg. Celsius (Pigment Dyed & Printed).We Can Get 60 Deg. Celsius Using Reactive Dyes .We Can Also Dye/Print Any Colour From The Pantone Colour Book.


At Sight' Letter Of Credit Should Be Established Or Advanced T.T.  

How are Prices generally quoted ?

Prices for Garments are normally quoted in the ratio S : M : L : XL  As 1: 2: 2: 1 for Mens and S: M : L As 1: 2: 1 for ladies. Our prices Are FOB /C&F / CIF and CPT / LDP / DDP  As per customer requirements.

How are Letters of credit to be established?
'At sight' Letter of Credit should be established.  But We Do 30-60 Days Deffered LC Also.  

What is the normal Shipment Period?
On An Average, Each Order Will Take 45-90 Days For Knit And For Woven 90-120, Assuming Normal Timings For Approvals And Order Details

Can this factory produce a samples with only a sketch ? Yes
Can this factory produce sample with only a sketch and measurement chart ? Yes
Can this factory produce sample with only a sketch and paper pattern ? Yes
Can this factory source its own sampling fabric ? Yes
Does this factory keep machines reserved for sampling ? Yes (3 set)
Is this factory able to produce salesman samples if a buyer requires them ? Yes